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American Halloween is Children Centered....Let's Give Lasting Treats.

(From the Home Page of HEAR US Inc.)

“Our lives were filled with benches,” shared Ben, an 18-year-old homeless youth as he showed me where he sat to reflect on the impressive accomplishment of earning his diploma while living on the streets of Anytown USA. He welcomed the opportunity to share his plight and his successes on film, with great hopes that people would care about and help homeless children and youth.

HEAR US, a unique national nonprofit venture, offers homelessness experts like Ben and so many others the unique opportunity to be heard. Why is that important? Because their future depends on our nation’s ability to respond to this ever-growing disintegration of childhood and family lives.

Their powerful images and poignant portrayals of lives without childhood homes convey a sense of urgency and inspire compassion far beyond the most ardent non-homeless advocate.

See us, hear us, help us survive, strive and thrive…

Over 1.5 million homeless children and youth live on streets of America’s small towns, rural areas, resort communities, mid-sized cities and urban areas. They experience devastation—their childhood, their educational opportunities, and their chances for success—yet many of these young people can succeed given the help to survive, strive and thrive.

Look in their eyes.
Hear their voices.
Respond to their call for help.


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He Probably Gets More Time On The News Than Election Related Issues.

Local Man Inspires 14th Offbeat News Story
October 27, 2006 Satire from The Onion Issue 42•44

BRIGHTON, MI— Whether exchanging nuptials with his first wife Susan on the roof of the hardware store where he works or patiently teaching his bulldog Louie how to use a Boogie board, it's easy to see why Brighton resident Tom Carling, 42, has been the inspiration for more than a dozen offbeat human interest stories over the course of his life.

"I never really understood what all the fuss was about," says the humble Carling as he casually feeds a live rabbit to one of his nine albino Burmese pythons that somehow got loose earlier this year and turned up in a local elementary school. "I never set out to get this kind of attention. This is just how I live my life."

Talking to him on the street, one would never suspect that this is the same man who once walked backwards across the entire state of Michigan. Carling's humility and easygoing manner can also make it easy to forget that he is the proud owner of one of the largest collections of Japanese bubble-gum wrappers in the MIdwest.

"I'm really no different than anyone else," says Carling of the notoriety he has garnered over the years. "How many people have had their shirt ripped from their body by rhesus monkeys because they got too close while trying to feed them peanut butter at the zoo? Hundreds, I bet. Maybe thousands."

Adds Carling: "The only difference is that someone had a camera rolling when it happened to me. If that makes me newsworthy, so be it."

Carling is often remembered as one of the "Carling Septuplets," born at exactly midnight on February 29, 1964. Others may recall Carling as the man who tirelessly solicited signatures for a petition to install a water slide in the Capitol Building in Lansing.

"I don't believe it's destiny or anything like that," says Carling as he lovingly trims and waters the lush, green blanket of grass he's grown on the hood of his 1982 Cadillac El Dorado. "When the inspiration strikes to tie 50 green helium-filled weather balloons to a lawn chair and float over the St. Patrick's Day parade, most people don't act on it. I guess it's just a question of motivation."

Though he admits he has had his share of good fortune, Carling, who once won $50,000 after making a full-court shot during a promotion at a Detroit Pistons game, is quick to point out that not all of the offbeat stories he has inspired have been lighthearted.

"A few people probably still remember that I was the only victim in that Albanian pyramid scheme," Carling said. "I never let that kind of thing get me down, but I was definitely in a real rough patch. I lost a little over $50,000."

Despite his many escapades, people can't help but wonder what's next for Carling. After all, how much can one man possibly achieve in a single lifetime?

Not to worry, Carling says. He has no plans to change.

"I'm not going to start doing anything differently just because I've been featured so many times," he says. "I'll just follow my instincts like I always have. And nothing's going to stop me until my final wish of having my cryogenically frozen body launched into outer space comes true."

© Copyright 2006, Onion, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

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Spread Love. Hug a stranger today. It's spreading. One Love.

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies) This is how it started when I found this video reference from The Butterfly Gardners Association calendar.

Then it began to spread....

Another Clown Goes Into The History Books.....

Krazy George celebrates starting the Wave cheer 25 years ago

By JANIE McCAULEY, AP Sports Writer
October 25, 2006

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Krazy George Henderson has spent the last quarter-century trying to persuade everyone that he debuted the "Wave" during an Oakland Athletics' playoff game against the Yankees -- not those Washington football fans who claim the Huskies first performed the now famous cheer.

Debate aside, the Wave is 25 years old and still going strong.

"It's been really interesting," Krazy George said in a phone interview from his home in New Rochelle, N.Y. "I see it at the Olympics. There's a video of Fidel Castro doing it. If it had actually originated in New York at a Yankees game, they would have thought it was sent by the gods."

Krazy George, now 62, says he spent three years perfecting the Wave. He first pulled off the move -- in which fans take turns, by section, standing up and waving their arms -- on Oct. 15, 1981, at the Yankees-A's AL championship series game in the Coliseum. Washington, meanwhile, did it two weeks later, on Oct. 31.

Former Husky yell leader Robb Weller had returned to campus for a homecoming game against Stanford. He began a vertical version of the Wave in the '70s, but first did the horizontal Wave that day.

Officials at Washington acknowledge Krazy George as being first, but what they are certain of is that the Huskies popularized the cheer. It soon caught on at a Seattle Seahawks game, too.

It took a year and a half, according to Krazy George, for the Huskies to fess up that they'd seen the Wave on television and given it their own twist. Good thing, too, because he has the proof on tape: The Wave was part of the A's 1981 highlight video shown to potential season ticket holders for the following year.

"That's the best-kept lie in the last 25 years. But now, most of the world recognizes me," Krazy George said. "Their theory is that they came up with it in 30 seconds! 'Oh, we just thought it up.'

"They kept doing it the whole football season and of course they were a big national football power with a big budget. I tell everyone to call Seattle and get their side of the story. It's like a war with me."

Krazy George, known best by that name and for pounding his drum in stadiums across the United States, is a California native who moved north to Napa from Southern California at age 17. He left for New York three years ago.

A former high school shop teacher, Krazy George's lone job the last 30 years has been as a for-hire cheerleader -- working all of about three hours a week. Yes, that's it. He averages one game every seven days.

In that first Wave game, the Yankees eliminated the A's 4-0 to reach the World Series. Dave Righetti, now the San Francisco Giants' pitching coach, was the winning pitcher. A crowd of 47,302 was on hand for the first Wave.

"We put it on the map in 1981," said Shooty Babitt, a rookie on the '81 A's. "A lot of people wish the Wave would go away now. A lot of people don't understand when you should do it. ... The new-age fan doesn't understand where the Wave originated. But Krazy George still looks the same today as he did 25 years ago."

Krazy George is a well-known figure at sporting venues, especially in the Bay Area. Mostly bald with blond curls above his ears, he wears his striped athletic socks pulled up and always has a drum in hand.

He has been featured in national magazines and TV programs and has several upcoming interviews with international publications.

That game in Oakland was the biggest crowd yet for Krazy George, who had tried the cheer a couple of times at high school rallies.

A simpler version originated at San Jose State several years earlier. Krazy George would call for the three student sections to chant -- one word for each group -- "San!" "Jose!" "State!" He would point to each section signaling those students' turn.

He also did something similar for the former Colorado Rockies hockey team, using "Go! Rockies! Go!" But it didn't work so well with only 5,000 fans in the seats many nights.

He knows there are plenty of fans out there who refuse to participate or become grumpy when their view of the game gets briefly blocked.

"There are always a few people," he said.

So, in an era when fads tend to fade quickly in sports, fashion and technology, why has the Wave stood the test of time?

"As a professional cheerleader, I know why I do it: What it does is intensify the energy of the crowd," Krazy George said. "It's almost like an accomplishment. It's their own competition, like a contest or video game. You have to participate to make it work. It takes 95 percent of fans doing it to make it great."

Krazy George says he last got into it with Washington about the Wave before the 20th anniversary. Over the years, he has called the university's athletic director and president, not to mention newspapers and TV stations.

The way things are going, the Wave will carry on long enough for the lore to continue.

"You can start a wave but nobody can stop one," Krazy George said. "The only way it stops is if something exciting happens on the field."

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My Clown Family is Coming to Sacramento

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

For those of you unfamiliar with theatrical clowning, it is not balloon animals and magic tricks, but theatrical performances expressing inner aspects of the human condition, through the clown.

Two of my favorite Masters at the clowning craft are Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball. I'm not saying that I am in their league, but this gives you some idea what I'm meaning.

I hope if your in the area you can make it. Contact me by email or at 916-505-9469 for more infromation.

We will also be playing in San Francisco on November 19th at 2 PM at Noh Space. I'll send a flyer on that later.



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Today's Update on Iraq and other lies and hypocrisy:

Iraqi Shiite and Sunni Clerics Call For End to Killing

Dozens of Iraqi Shiite and Sunni clerics met in Mecca on Saturday and approved a declaration calling for an end to the sectarian violence. The clerics urged the release of all hostages and a prohibition on the killings of Muslims in iraq. But it remains unclear if the declaration will help stop the civil war raging in Iraq.
October On Pace to Be One of Bloodiest Months of War
The Associated Press reports that October is on pace to be the deadliest month for Iraqis since the AP began tracking deaths in April 2005. October has already become the deadliest month for U.S. forces this year with 86 soldiers dead.

Mahdi Army Seizes Parts of Amarah; 25 Dead

In southern Iraq on Friday, the Mahdi Army seized control of part of the city of Amarah. The Shiite militia engaged in a gun battle with the city’s Shiite-controlled police force. As many as 25 people died. In Baquba, gunmen ambushed a bus full of police recruits, killing 15 and wounding 25. In the Shiite city of Mahmudiyah, Sunni insurgents fired mortar rounds at a crowded market on Saturday killing 32 people. The market was crowded with families buying food for the Islamic holiday of Eid which marks the end of Ramadan.

Report: Bush Administration Draft Timetable for Iraq Gov’t

In Washington, the Bush administration is coming under increasing pressure for its handling of the Iraq war. On Saturday the President met with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and top U.S. commanders including Gen. John Abizaid and Gen. George Casey to discuss Iraq. On Sunday the New York Times reported the Bush administration is drafting a timetable for the Iraqi government to address sectarian divisions and assume a larger role in securing the country. Officials said that for the first time Iraq was likely to be asked to disarm militias and create political, economic and military benchmarks intended to stabilize the country. Democratic Senator Joe Biden criticized the approach.

Sen. Joe Biden: "No, I don't think we should be talking about deadlines because deadlines artificially tie our hands. We have got to figure out how to responsibly leave Iraq. Part of the requirement I think most people agree with now is you've got to let Maliki know is that he does not have an indefinite timetable for U.S. troops to continue to be apartheid cops. That's what we're being now and we cannot stop a civil war with 140,000 U.S. forces."

U.S. Diplomat: U.S. Displays Arrogance & Stupidity in Iraq

Meanwhile a senior U.S. diplomat publicly accused the United States of displaying arrogance and stupidity in Iraq. The State Department official Alberto Fernandez made the comment during an interview conducted in Arabic on Al Jazeera.

Alberto Fernandez: "We tried to do our best (in Iraq) but I think there is much room for criticism because, undoubtedly, there was arrogance and there was stupidity from the United States in Iraq."

The State Department initially claimed Fernandez’s comments were mistranslated. Later Fernandez issued a written apology through the State Department press office. He wrote “I seriously misspoke by using the phrase 'there has been arrogance and stupidity' by the U.S. in Iraq. This represents neither my views nor those of the State Department. I apologize."

U.S. Moves Closer to Building New Stockpile of Nuclear Weapons

The Washington Post is reporting the United States has moved a step closer toward building a new stockpile of nuclear weapons that would last well into the 21st century. Late last week, Bush administration officials announced the start of a multiyear process to repair and replace eight facilities where the nuclear weapons would be developed and assembled. The Bush administration is planning to replace its aging stockpile of warheads with two thousand two hundred new nuclear weapons that would last for decades. The nation's two nuclear weapons laboratories, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore, are competing to design a new nuclear warhead.

Boeing Subsidiary Linked to CIA Torture Flights

The New Yorker magazine has revealed that a subsidiary of Boeing has helped the CIA carry out many of its extraordinary rendition flights. Boeing’s subsidiary Jeppesen International Trip Planning handled many of the logistical and navigational details for these trips, including flight plans, clearance to fly over other countries, hotel reservations, and ground-crew arrangements. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company.

GOP Lawmakers Ask Pentagon to Kick Out CNN Embedded Troops

A top Republican lawmaker has asked the Pentagon to remove a team of CNN reporters embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. Duncan Hunter, the chair of the House Armed Services Committee, accused CNN of broadcasting an enemy propaganda film because it aired footage of snipers targeting U.S. soldiers. CNN said the footage was shown in an effort to present the "unvarnished truth" about the Iraq war.

Pentagon: Planting of Stories in Iraqi Press Was Legal

The Pentagon’s Inspector General has concluded that the US military didn’t break any laws when it planted pro-American stories in the Iraqi press. Last year it was revealed that the Pentagon paid a start-up company called the Lincoln Group millions of dollars to plant stories and pay for favorable coverage in the Iraqi press.

Armstrong Williams to Pay Back $34K for Propaganda Payments

In other news about government propaganda, a conservative pundit who was secretly being funded by the U.S. government has agreed to give back part of his pay. In 2003 the Department of Education paid Armstrong Williams $240,000 to help promote the No Child Left Behind Act. Williams went on to write about the act and discuss it in the media without ever disclosing his ties to the government. Williams has now agreed to pay back $34,000 after the Department determined he had been overpaid.

Red Cross Slams U.S. Military Commissions Act

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross has criticized the new U.S. Military Commissions Act because it could weaken protections guaranteed under the Geneva Conventions. The official, Jakob Kellenberger, said the law too broadly defines an enemy combatant, fails to guarantee prisoners the right to a fair trial and fails to explicitly prohibit the use of evidence obtained by coercion.

Brother of Pat Tillman Slams Iraq War and Bush Administration

The brother of Pat Tillman has spoken out about his brother’s death in Afghanistan and has condemned the Bush administration’s war on terror. Pat Tillman was the star football player who gave up his playing career to fight in Afghanistan. He was killed in a friendly fire incident, but for years the Pentagon lied about the circumstances. His brother Kevin fought with Pat in Afghanistan. In his article posted on the website Truthdig, Tillman wrote "Somehow, the same incompetent, narcissistic, virtueless, vacuous, malicious criminals are still in charge of this country. Somehow, this is tolerated. Somehow, nobody is accountable for this." Tillman goes on to write "Somehow the more soldiers that die, the more legitimate the illegal invasion becomes.”

Green Party Candidates Blocked From Debates

In election news, a number of Green Party candidates are being blocked from taking part in debates. In Washington state, Aaron Dixon was arrested last week after he tried to enter the TV studio hosting a three-way debate between the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian candidates. Meanwhile in New York, the League of Women Voters withdrew its support for two Senatorial debates between Hillary Clinton and Republican challenger John Spencer because Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins was not invited to participate

(from Democracy Now)

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Do You Know Where Your Childrens' Costumes Are Right Now?

Indonesian Mother Sews Halloween Costumes For 60,000 Children

October 19, 2006 Issue 42•42, Satire from The Onion

PONTIANAK—Indonesian factory worker Weninng Panggi is keeping busy in the weeks leading up to Halloween by sewing costumes for thousands of children across America's Eastern Seaboard. "I try to put a little extra love in each seam I stitch, or epoxy, or hot-glue, or heat-seal," said Panggi, putting the finishing sequined touches on 1,375 Hermione dresses. "I only wish my family could afford such durable, high-quality garments. By the way, what are these for?" After completing her shift, Panggi carried out her tradition of going from door to door asking for scraps of food.

© Copyright 2006, Onion, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

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Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America

Please watch this video to get a not so far out perspective of the recent bill doing away with habeus corpus for some American Citizens.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not So "Far Out" Afterall

This article was shared in a group in response to my clumsy attempt to express the metaphysical power of speech and sound. Science is starting to prove the existence of the supersensible universe.

DNA is influneced by Words and Frequencies

By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
(pulled from Mayan Majix)

DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies Russian DNA Discoveries

The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.

In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered "junk DNA. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of "junk DNA". Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!

According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar.

They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. [For the sake of brevity I will give only a summary here. For further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this article.]

The bottom line was:
"Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation."

This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!

This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researcher cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Garjajevâ´s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns!

This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

But the higher developed an individual’s consciousness is, the less need is there for any type of device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will finally stop laughing at such ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn’t end there. The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).

These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hypercommunication is most effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hypercommunication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hypercommunication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insect states proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as "intuition". But we, too, can regain full use of it.

An example from Nature: When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. If the queen is killed, however, all work in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do. Apparently the queen sends the "building plans" also from far away via the group consciousness of her subjects. She can be as far away as she wants, as long as she is alive. In man hypercommunication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base.

Such hypercommunication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition. The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini for instance dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory, he called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

When hypercommunication occurs, one can observe in the DNA as well as in the human being special phenomena. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect.

It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hypercommunication also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned.

Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work. The better the atmosphere and the energy, the more frustrating it is that the recording device stops functioning and recording exactly at that moment. And repeated switching on and off after the session does not restore function yet, but next morning all is back to normal. Perhaps this is reassuring to read for many, as it has nothing to do with them being technically inept, it means they are good at hypercommunication.

In their book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly.

The authors also quote sources presuming that in earlier times humanity had been, just like the animals, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acted as a group. To develop and experience individuality we humans however had to forget hypercommunication almost completely.

Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can create a new form of group consciousness, namely one, in which we attain access to all information via our DNA without being forced or remotely controlled about what to do with that information. We now know that just as on the internet our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and can establish contact with other participants in the network.

Remote healing, telepathy or "remote sensing" about the state of relatives etc. can thus be explained. Some animals know also from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hypercommunication. Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality. Otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated.

Hypercommunication in the new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! AND humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind. Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school. The system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today’s children is so strong that that they refuse this adjustment and giving up their idiosyncrasies in the most diverse ways.

At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are born [see the book "China’s Indigo Children" by Paul Dong or the chapter about Indigos in my book "Nutze die taeglichen Wunder"(Make Use of the Daily Wonders)]. Something in those children is striving more and more towards the group consciousness of the new kind, and it will no longer be suppressed! . As a rule weather, for example, is rather difficult to influence by a single individual. But it may be influenced by a group consciousness (nothing new to some tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or individuals (spiritual masters, for instance) focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is scientifically speaking not at all surprising if they can thus influence weather.

Researchers in group consciousness have formulated the theory of Type I civilizations. A humanity that developed a group consciousness of the new kind would have neither environmental problems nor scarcity of energy. For if it were to use its mental power as a unified civilization, it would have control of the energies of its home planet as a natural consequence. And that includes all natural catastrophes!!! A theoretical Type II civilization would even be able to control all energies of their home galaxy.

In my book "Nutze die taeglichen Wunder", I have described an example of this: Whenever a great many people focus their attention or consciousness on something similar like Christmas time, football world championship or the funeral of Lady Diana in England then certain random number generators in computers start to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!!!

When a great number of people get together very closely, potentials of violence also dissolve. It looks as if here, too, a kind of humanitarian consciousness of all humanity is created. At the Love Parade, for example, where every year about one million of young people congregate, there has never been any brutal riots as they occur for instance at sports events. The name of the event alone is not seen as the cause here. The result of an analysis indicated rather that the number of people was TOO GREAT to allow a tipping over to violence.

To come back to the DNA: It apparently is also an organic superconductor that can work at normal body temperature. Artificial superconductors require extremely low temperatures of between 200 and 140°C to function.

As one recently learned, all superconductors are able to store light and thus information. This is a further explanation of how the DNA can store information. There is another phenomenon linked to DNA and wormholes. Normally, these super small wormholes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. Under certain conditions (read about it in the Fosar/Bludorf book above) stable wormholes can organize themselves which then form distinctive vacuum domains in which, for example, gravity can transform into electricity. Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy.

There are regions in Russia where such radiant balls appear very often. Following the ensuing confusion the Russians started massive research programs leading finally to some of the discoveries mentions above. Many people know vacuum domains as shiny balls in the sky. The attentive look at them in wonder and ask themselves, what they could be. I thought once: "Hello up there. If you happen to be a UFO, fly in a triangle." And suddenly, the light balls moved in a triangle. Or they shot across the sky like ice hockey pucks. They accelerated from zero to crazy speeds while sliding gently across the sky.

One is left gawking and I have, as many others, too, thought them to be UFOs. Friendly ones, apparently, as they flew in triangles just to please me. Now the Russians found in the regions where vacuum domains appear often that sometimes fly as balls of light from the ground upwards into the sky, that these balls can be guided by thought. One has found out since that vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency as they are also produced in our brains. And because of this similarity of waves they are able to react to our thoughts.

To run excitedly into one that is on ground level might not be such a great idea, because those balls of light can contain immense energies and are able to mutate our genes. They can, they don’t necessarily have to, one has to say. For many spiritual teachers also produce such visible balls or columns of light in deep meditation or during energy work which trigger decidedly pleasant feelings and do not cause any harm. Apparently this is also dependent on some inner order and on the quality and provenance of the vacuum domain.

There are some spiritual teachers (the young Englishman Ananda, for example) with whom nothing is seen at first, but when one tries to take a photograph while they sit and speak or meditate in hypercommunication, one gets only a picture of a white cloud on a chair. In some Earth healing projects such light effects also appear on photographs.

Simply put, these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces that are also exactly described in the book and with ever more stable wormholes and hyper-communication and thus with energies from outside our time and space structure. Earlier generations that got in contact with such hypercommunication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them.

And we cannot be too sure to what forms of consciousness we can get access when using hypercommunication. Not having scientific proof for their actual existence (people having had such experiences do NOT all suffer from hallucinations) does not mean that there is no metaphysical background to it. We have simply made another giant step towards understanding our reality.

Official science also knows of gravity anomalies on Earth (that contribute to the formation of vacuum domains), but only of ones of below one percent. But recently gravity anomalies have been found of between three and four percent. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (exact location in the book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" plus several others). Round objects of all kinds, from balls to full buses, roll uphill. But the stretch in Rocca di Papa is rather short, and defying logic sceptics still flee to the theory of optical illusion (which it cannot be due to several features of the location).

All informations are from the book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237, summarized and commented by Baerbel. The book is unfortunately only available in German so far. You can reach the authors here:

[ ]
[2]; Transmitted by Vitae Bergman
[ ]

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Shed a Tear, It's All Your's Now Kids.

Patti Smith bids CBGB goodbye
(from The Sun)
October 17, 2006

ROCK STARS gathered at doomed punk mecca CBGB on Sunday night to say farewell to the club that launched so many music careers.

PATTI SMITH played a goodbye set with her longtime guitarist LENNY KAYE, belting out a hits including a cover of the Ramones’ Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS star FLEA also attended and was thrilled when the crowd sang Happy Birthday at midnight to mark his 44th.

The New York club, which helped shape the destinies of celebrated rock bands including BLONDIE, THE RAMONES and TALKING HEADS, is closing after owner Hilly Krystal lost the lease last year.

Saturday night saw DEBORAH HARRY and CHRIS STEIN play the venue’s penultimate gig. Deborah is closely affiliated with the venue – she performed their with girl group The Stilettos before later joining Blondie.

Patti Smith, whose song Gloria was the last hit ever performed on the stage, told the crowd: "We can have CBGB in our hearts, but the new generation is going to have their own places to play.

"They're going to find some s**t hole and play in it like we did."

In 2008, a new CBGB will open in Las Vegas.

Friday, October 13, 2006

OMG She Sacres Me !!!

U.S. agents question teen
Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace

By Laurel Rosenhall and Ryan Lillis - Sacramento Bee Staff Writers
Published 12:00 am PDT Friday, October 13, 2006

The latest Sacramento resident to be questioned by federal agents in possible threats against President Bush is a 14-year-old girl with a heart on her backpack and braces on her teeth, a freckle-nosed adolescent who is passionate about liberal politics and cute movie stars.

Her name is Julia Wilson, and she learned a vivid civics lesson Wednesday when two Secret Service agents pulled her out of biology class at McClatchy High School to ask about comments and images she posted on MySpace.

Beneath the words "Kill Bush," Julia posted a cartoonish photo-collage of a knife stabbing the hand of the president. It was one of a few images Julia said she used to decorate an anti-Bush Web page she moderated on MySpace, the social networking Web site that is hugely popular among teenagers.

The Secret Service refused to answer questions about the case or even confirm an investigation. Eric Zahren, a Secret Service spokesman, said the agency does not discuss its work "due to the sensitivity of our mission."

But Julia's mother, Kirstie Wilson, and an assistant principal at McClatchy High said two agents showed them badges stating they were with the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal law prohibits making serious threats against the president, and Julia and her parents say what she did was wrong.

The couple are disturbed, however, that federal agents questioned a child at school -- without her parents present. And First Amendment lawyers question whether the Secret Service over-reacted to a 14-year-old's comments on a Web site made for casual socializing.

"I don't condone what she did, but it seems a little over the top to me," said Julia's father, Jim Moose. "You'd think they could look at the situation and determine that she's not a credible threat."

Earlier this month, federal officials arrested two Sacramento-area men for allegedly threatening the president. Elk Grove resident Michael Lee Braun has been charged with sending two threatening letters to the El Dorado Hills country club where Bush recently made an appearance. Rocklin resident Howard J. Kinsey is accused of threatening the president through a text message.

Here is how Julia Wilson's family tells their story:

Two Secret Service agents arrived at their Land Park home about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, Kirstie Wilson said. They told her they wanted to speak with her daughter about threats to the president that she had posted on MySpace.

"She was in molecular biology, and I said I really didn't want to take her out of class for this," Kirstie Wilson said. "I said I'd make sure she came right home from school."

She asked the agents to come back in an hour, and they left.

Then Wilson sent her daughter a text message instructing her to come straight home from school.

"... there are two men from the secret service that want to talk with you. Apparently you made some death threats against president bush. Dont worry youre not going to jail or anything like that but they take these things very seriously these days," Kirstie Wilson wrote.

"Are you serious!?!? omg. Am I in a lot of trouble"? her daughter replied, using common teenage shorthand for "Oh, my God."

Kirstie Wilson called her husband. While they were on the phone, she received another text message from her daughter: "They took me out of class."

It was a 15- to 20-minute interview, Julia said. Agents asked her about her father's job, her e-mail address, and her Social Security number. They asked about the MySpace page she had created last year as an eighth-grader at Sutter Middle School.

"I told them I just really don't agree with Bush's politics," Julia said Thursday. "I don't have any plans of harming Bush in any way. I'm very peaceful; I just don't like Bush."

The MySpace page under question was a group page, similar to an online club.

Most of the groups Julia is a part of are fan clubs for movie stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor. The group that got her in trouble was called something like "People who want to stab Bush" -- Julia said she doesn't remember the exact name because she soon changed it.

After an eighth-grade history lesson in which she learned that threatening the president is against the law, Julia said she changed the group name to "So Bush is an idiot but hey what else is new?"

The group primarily consisted of her teenage friends who share her liberal political interests, Julia said. She deleted the group page over the summer when she decided that MySpace was juvenile and taking up too much time.

Moose and Wilson say they had no idea what their daughter had posted online.

"I was more than happy to have them talk to her about the severity of what she did. But I wanted to be here with her," Kirstie Wilson said.

McClatchy Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini said he usually does not notify parents when law enforcement officials come to school to interview students.

"Parents usually interfere with an investigation, so we usually don't notify them until it's done," he said.

Sacramento City Unified School District policy calls for parents to be notified but doesn't say whether it should happen before or after a student is interviewed. State law doesn't require parental notification.

In any case, said Ann Brick, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, Julia Wilson's post did not sound like a "true threat" to the president, making it political speech that is protected by the First Amendment.

"The courts have to distinguish between political rhetoric and hyperbole and a real threat," Brick said. "A reasonable person would have to interpret what was said as indication of a serious intent to commit harm."

Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition, said in the current political climate, "the threshold that brings (agents) in has gotten lower."

"It's a cautionary tale for kids who are on MySpace that putting something on MySpace like 'Kill the President' is not the same as saying it on e-mail or over the phone," Scheer said. "The government is not systematically listening to all phone calls or going through e-mails, but it probably does search the Internet."

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Buddha World!

Coming soon! Walt Disney, Microsoft, AT&T, Exxon and General Motors bring you.... BUDDHAWORLD

YES! An adventure for the entire enlightened family! Book now for our nonstop flights from Encino or Boca Raton to exotic KATMANDU, the mystical city of faith, mountains and BUDDHAWORLD!

IMAX theatres (with 70 ft screens) bring you the story of Gautama Siddartha, rebel with the cause of freeing all sentient beings from suffering! Witness as sheltered young Siddartha escapes the watch of his father's guards and witnesses death decay and suffering (with Dolby sound). Buy the Siddartha Tshirt and lunchbox.

WONDER at the actual site where the young Buddha was born for the last time, purchase lotus flowers and the 'Buddha is Born' video (also available on LaserDisc).

Stay at luxurious hotels near the temples! Swimming pools! Nightly dancing and Refuge Vows! Arrive a novice and leave a Tantrika (additional cost for this program, brought to you by The Home Dharma Shopping Network's 'Tantrika in a Week' Club).

Pat the belly of the 250 foot simulated-gold-covered smiling Buddha while a photographer records the moment (additional cost). Experience the thrilling ride through the realms on Karma Mountain - the World Fastest Tallest ride through the experience of sentient beings. See the spooky Hell Realm! Wonder at the Hungry Ghosts Realm! Witness the God Realm! Buy the KarmaMountain Interactive CD ROM!

Reserve now!


(Written by Dan Diaz)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Love Is All There Is

Ai De Zhen-Di
(The True meaning of Love)

We shall show forgiveness for everything, we shall believe in everything, we shall express hope for everything, we shall be patient in everything we do
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Eckhart Tolle on True Love

What is conventionally called "love" is an ego strategy to avoid surrender. You are looking to someone to give you that which can only come to you in the state of surrender. The ego uses that person as a substitute to avoid having to surrender. The Spanish language is the most honest in this respect. It uses the same verb, te quiero, for "I love you" and "I want you." To the ego, loving and wanting are the same, whereas true love has no wanting in it, no desire to possess or for your partner to change. The ego singles someone out and makes them special. It uses that person to cover up the constant underlying feeling of discontent, of "not enough," of anger and hate, which are closely related. These are facets of an underlying deep seated feeling in human beings that is inseparable from the egoic state.

When the ego singles something out and says "I love" this or that, it's an unconscious attempt to cover up or remove the deep-seated feelings that always accompany the ego: the discontent, the unhappiness, the sense of insufficiency that is so familiar. For a little while, the illusion actually works. Then inevitably, at some point, the person you singled out, or made special in your eyes, fails to function as a cover up for your pain, hate, discontent or unhappiness which all have their origin in that sense of insufficiency and incompleteness. Then, out comes the feeling that was covered up, and it gets projected onto the person that had been singled out and made special - who you thought would ultimately "save you." Suddenly love turns to hate. The ego doesn't realize that the hatred is a projection of the universal pain that you feel inside. The ego believes that this person is causing the pain. It doesn't realize that the pain is the universal feeling of not being connected with the deeper level of your being - not being at one with yourself.

The object of love is interchangeable, as interchangeable as the object of egoic wanting. Some people go through many relationships. They fall in love and out of love many times. They love a person for a while until it doesn't work anymore, because no person can permanently cover up that pain.

Only surrender can give you what you were looking for in the object of your love. The ego says surrender is not necessary because I love this person. It's an unconscious process of course. The moment you accept completely what is, something inside you emerges that had been covered up by egoic wanting. It is an innate, indwelling peace, stillness, aliveness. It is the unconditioned, who you are in your essence. It is what you had been looking for in the love object. It is yourself. When that happens, a completely different kind of love is present which is not subject to love / hate. It doesn't single out one thing or person as special. It's absurd to even use the same word for it. Now it can happen that even in a normal love / hate relationship, occasionally, you enter the state of surrender. Temporarily, briefly, it happens: you experience a deeper universal love and a complete acceptance that can sometimes shine through, even in an otherwise egoic relationship. If surrender is not sustained, however, it gets covered up again with the old egoic patterns. So, I'm not saying that the deeper, true love cannot be present occasionally, even in a normal love / hate relationship. But it is rare and usually short-lived.

Whenever you accept what is, something deeper emerges then what is. So, you can be trapped in the most painful dilemma, external or internal, the most painful feelings or situation, and the moment you accept what is, you go beyond it, you transcend it. Even if you feel hatred, the moment you accept that this is what you feel, you transcend it. It may still be there, but suddenly you are at a deeper place where it doesn't matter that much anymore.
The entire phenomenal universe exists because of the tension between the opposites. Hot and cold, growth and decay, gain and loss, success and failure, the polarities that are part of existence, and of course part of every relationship.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Throw It Away

Made to Break
Technology and Obsolescence in America
Giles Slade
From Harvard University Press

If you've replaced a computer lately--or a cell phone, a camera, a television--chances are, the old one still worked. And chances are even greater that the latest model won't last as long as the one it replaced. Welcome to the world of planned obsolescence--a business model, a way of life, and a uniquely American invention that this eye-opening book explores from its beginnings to its perilous implications for the very near future.

Made to Break is a history of twentieth-century technology as seen through the prism of obsolescence. America invented everything that is now disposable, Giles Slade tells us, and he explains how disposability was in fact a necessary condition for America's rejection of tradition and our acceptance of change and impermanence. His book shows us the ideas behind obsolescence at work in such American milestones as the inventions of branding, packaging, and advertising; the contest for market dominance between GM and Ford; the struggle for a national communications network, the development of electronic technologies--and with it the avalanche of electronic consumer waste that will overwhelm America's landfills and poison its water within the coming decade.

History reserves a privileged place for those societies that built things to last--forever, if possible. What place will it hold for a society addicted to consumption--a whole culture made to break? This book gives us a detailed and harrowing picture of how, by choosing to support ever-shorter product lives we may well be shortening the future of our way of life as well.

What's So Funny 'bout Peace, Love and Understanding?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just For Fun

The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.

And the winners are:

1. coffee, n. the person upon whom one coughs.

2. flabbergasted, adj. appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.

3 abdicate, v. to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

4. esplanade, v. to attempt an explanation while drunk.

5. willy-nilly, adj. impotent.

6. negligent, adj. absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown.

7 lymph, v. to walk with a lisp.

8. gargoyle, n. olive-flavored-mouthwash.

9. flatulence, n. emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.

10. balderdash, n. a rapidly receding hairline.

11. testicle, n. a humorous question on an exam.

12. rectitude, n. the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.

13. pokemon, n. a Rastafarian proctologist.

14. oyster, n. a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.

15. Frisbeetarianism, n. the belief that, after death, the soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.

16. circumvent, n. an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Substitute George W. Bush for Richard Nixon

Today we mourn the anniversary of the launch of "Shock and Awe" upon the Iraqi people.

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Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon
written by Phil Ochs

Here's to the state of Richard Nixon.
Where underneath his borders
The Devil draws no lines.
If you drag his muddy rivers
Nameless bodies you will find
And the fat trees of the forest
Have hid a thousand crimes,
And the calendar is lying
When it reads the present time.

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of.
Richard Nixon: find yourself another country to be part of.

And here's to the schools of Richard Nixon.
Where they're teaching all the children
That they don't have to care,
All the rudiments of hatred
Are present everywhere,
And every single classroom
Is a factory of despair.
There's nobody learning
Such a foreign word as "fair."

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of.
Richard Nixon: find yourself another country to be part of.

And here's to the laws of Richard Nixon.
Where the wars are fought in secret,
Pearl Harbor every day.
He punishes with income tax
That he don't have to pay,
And he's tapping his own brother
Just to hear what he would say.
But corruption can be classic
In the Richard Nixon way.

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of.
Richard Nixon: find yourself another country to be part of.

And here's to the churches of Richard Nixon (and Billy Graham).
Where the cross once made of silver
Now is caked with rust,
And the Sunday morning sermons
Pander to their lust,
And the fallen face of Jesus
Is choking in the dust,
And Heaven only knows
In which God they can trust.

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of.
Richard Nixon: find yourself another country to be part of.

And here's to the government of Richard Nixon.
In the swamp of their bureaucracy
They're always bogging down,
And criminals are posing
As advisors to the crown,
And they hope that no one sees the sights
And no one hears the sounds,
And the speeches of the president
Are the ravings of a clown.

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of.
Richard Nixon: find yourself another country to be part of.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Iraq War Update

From today's headlines on Democracy Now. The last one is very insightful, as to the delusion our "leaders" are living in.

Iraqi Government Investigates Militia-Linked Police

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government has announced its de-activating and investigating a police brigade of more than one thousand officers over possible links to death squads. The brigade is accused of complicity in the kidnapping Sunday of twenty six workers in a district under its control.

Report: Iraqi Education System Nearing Collapse

In other Iraq news, the Guardian of London is reporting the Iraqi education system is on the verge of collapse. Large numbers of students and teachers have fled the schools in the face of ongoing violence. Some schools have seen their student and staff numbers drop by more than half. Female students are routinely intimidated for failing to wear the hijab.

US Troops Suffer Record Three-Day Toll

Meanwhile, the US military is suffering one of its worst weeks since the invasion. Fourteen US troops have been killed since Monday. The military says that's the highest three-day total so far. A military spokesperson attributed the deaths to a record number of bomb attacks on US troops. Meanwhile a new poll by the veteran advocacy group has found nearly two thirds of troops who've fought in Iraq and Afghanistan believe the military is overextended.

GOPers Allot $20M for "Day of Celebration" of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

The New York Times reports House Republicans have earmarked twenty million dollars for a "commemoration of success" of the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. The funding was attached to this year's defense spending bill. The measure empowers President Bush to designate: "a day of celebration" and to "issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe that day with appropriate ceremonies and activities." The funding is allowed to roll over into 2007 if the President decides a celebration is not yet appropriate.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Do Your Part To Change The Regime.......

On October 5, people everywhere will walk out of school, take off work, and come to the downtowns & townsquares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on many more to join us - making a powerful statement: "NO! THIS REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT!"

Can a regime headed in a fascist direction be driven from power?

What You Can Do to Make October 5 a Success…

Download flyer to distribute and find more organizing materials,

Oct. 5 checklist

What should the character of Oct. 5 protests be?

Monday, October 02, 2006

President Bush is Coming to my Town

"Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right."

H. L. Mencken
US editor (1880 - 1956)

September 23, 2006

Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project)
By Robert Parry

The United States is following the lead of "dirty war" nations, such as Argentina and Chile, in enacting what amounts to an amnesty law protecting U.S. government operatives, apparently up to and including President George W. Bush, who have committed or are responsible for human rights crimes.

While the focus of the current congressional debate has been on Bush's demands to redefine torture and to reinterpret the Geneva Conventions, the compromise legislation also would block prosecutions for violations already committed during the five-year-old "war on terror."

The compromise legislation bars criminal or civil legal action over past violations of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, according to press reports. Common Article 3 outlaws "violence to life and person," such as death and mutilation as well as cruel treatment and "outrages upon personal dignity."

The legislation now before Congress also would prohibit detainees from citing the Geneva Conventions as a legal basis for challenging their imprisonment or for seeking civil damages for their mistreatment. [Washington Post, Sept. 22, 2006]

Since U.S. courts generally limit plaintiff status to people who have suffered definable harm, these provisions amount to a broad amnesty law for Bush and other administration officials who have engaged in human rights violations since the 9/11 attacks.

Given the scope of Common Article 3, covering abuses ranging from personal humiliations to death, the legislation could prevent – or at least severely complicate – any legal accountability in U.S. courts for officials who have committed these offenses.

Though administration officials have said these provisions are meant to protect CIA and other government operatives in the field, the provisions also could shield senior officials up the line of command who granted the authority for acts of torture and other abuses.

These implicated officials could include Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and administration legal advisers who supplied rationales for the abuses, as well as officials who signed off on the human rights violations, such as military commanders and President Bush.

'Dirty War' Precedents

In effect, this legislation could be interpreted as a broad amnesty law, like those enacted by legislatures in Argentina and Chile to give cover to government officials who waged "dirty wars" against leftists and other political opponents in the 1970s.

Because of those amnesty laws, many perpetrators of torture, "disappearances" and extrajudicial killings were spared punishment even after the grisly details of their crimes against humanity emerged from the secret records.

In some cases, the amnesty laws were later repealed or courts struck down some provisions. But the legal delays frustrated demands for justice from victims and often the aging perpetrators then cited infirmities to prevent ever being brought to trial.

For instance, Chile is still trying to untangle the amnesty protections that were used to shield dictator Augusto Pinochet from prosecution. Pinochet, who is now 90, has also employed the infirmity defense.

The legal delays have had political consequences, too, especially in the United States where complicit American officials escaped virtually all accountability, even to their reputations. [See's "Bush Shields Dad on Chile Terrorism."]

Some countries, such as South Africa, have combined amnesty for human rights violators with requirements that the guilty cooperate with truth commissions. That way, at least the historical record can be assembled and the crimes of state can be exposed as lessons for future generations.

The emerging U.S. amnesty law would be unusual in that it wouldn't explicitly acknowledge that offenses had been committed, nor is the word "amnesty" used. Nor have there been public hearings in Congress to determine what the Bush administration might have done that requires amnesty.

Nevertheless, the legislation, which seems to be gaining bipartisan support, would create broad areas of legal protections for Bush and other human rights violators for past crimes. By also barring victims from seeking enforcement of the Geneva Conventions in U.S. courts, the bill would give the Bush administration wide latitude for future acts of abuse.

Yet, this troubling "amnesty" signpost – for an America rushing down a path marked by previous "dirty war" states – has been passed with barely a comment on its significance.

Authors Website:

Authors Bio: Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press and Newsweek. His latest book, Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq, can be ordered at It's also available at, as is his 1999 book, Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & 'Project Truth.'